Analyticly for Shopify


Product Bundles
Display product recommendations as a discounted bundle based on store's order history
Real-Time Discount
Create bundles and discounts to reward customers for buying more from your store
Stats & Tracking
Access your stats in real-time and approve or veto any discounts or bundles

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How does it work?

Shopify Store
Analyticly utilizes your store's products and order history to find the optimal product bundles and suggestions.
Analyticly will use and gauge your customer's interests and decisions to offer more personalized suggestions for your customer.
Machine Learning
Analyticly utilizes cutting edge AI & machine learning processes to constantly improve product suggestions based on real-time data.


What does it do (non-technical)?

Analyticly provides cross-sell product recommendations directly on the product page of your store without customizing your theme. It is able to take into account recommendations that are purchased and give them a higher rank so they are more likely to be recommended in the future. Just, click, install and Analyticly will effortlessly increase revenue through cross-sells that you can view in the included reports. It also tracks each recommendation by order so you can be confident the app is working.

In short, Analyticly injects a script into your site’s theme files and sends the “clicks” from users to our application to record what product is being viewed and which recommendations have been purchased. It imports, order, and product data and uses machine learning models to develop an understanding of the consumer behaviour on your site and site content. Over time, the models acquire more data and provide better predictions.

Products are recommended based on the historial order trends of the store. Our model is able to correlate which products are most frequently purchased together and then recommend products based on those correlations.